Visiting the Sakura Cherry Blossoms at Trinity Bellwoods Park

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I am back with another post for you, but this time it isn’t my typical medical school/premed post! This post is about my morning spent visiting the beautiful Sakura cherry blossoms in Trinity Bellwoods Park, last week!

A lot of you guys ask me what I spend my days off doing while in medical school and the answer is “it depends.” Sometimes I end up shadowing, studying, or doing research. However, last week I visited the cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms are located in various areas around Toronto, including Robart’s library, High Park, Centre Islands, and Trinity Bellwoods! They bloom each year around April-May and only last a couple of weeks before the petals fall. It is a very beautiful thing to witness in person and something that I have wanted see for so long. That’s why, this year, I made the effort to go and see them before it was too late.

I met up with my friend in the morning, hoping to avoid crowds, and we headed off to Queen St. W. We jumped on the streetcar and made our way to the park. Before we knew it, we were there and ready to see all the cherry blossoms in full bloom! It was absolutely beautiful. The nice thing about Trinity Bellwoods Park is that you also get a great view of the CN Tower amongst all of the gorgeous cherry blossoms. There is a huge contrast of urban architecture and greenery, which is super cool to see. That’s something I definitely love about living in Toronto; the small patches of green space embedded within the city.






We were lucky we arrived to the park when we did because it was already starting to get busy. There were groups of people taking pictures and full-on photoshoots. Even though the park wasn’t packed, it was still hard to get pictures without a lot of people in the background. Also, the area was very hip and cool. There were a ton of cute cafes close by, along with various boutiques and restaurants. We both wished we had longer to explore, but will definitely be visiting the Queen St. W. area again in the summer. We grabbed some gelato at a cute Italian bakery nearby. I got two scoops – hazelnut and pistachio. The flavours were so spot on and authentic! So delicious and made the perfect prop for photos!

We stayed at the park for about an hour taking pictures before it got really busy. There were crowds arriving to take pictures and this was by 10:30am. I would definitely recommend arriving to any park as early as you can to avoid massive pools of people in the background of your pictures. Even though you might have get up early and trek pretty far to get to one of the parks, it is so worth it. The pictures are beautiful and it is such a sight to see. I definitely will come again next year (or at least visit one of the various to parks to see the cherry blossoms).

That was my beautiful experience at Trinity Bellwoods Park to see the cherry blossoms. I would highly recommend visiting them at one of the locations in Toronto! They are absolutely breathtaking and make for a gorgeous backdrop. If you are looking for an urban area to explore with some green space, I would definitely recommend visiting the Queen St. W. area and Trinity Bellwoods Park. There are a ton of things to do near by, so you can really make a full day out of it!

If you guys have any other recommendations on places to visit in Toronto or liked this post, please let me know below! If you would like so see more of my day-to-day life, follow me on my social media accounts @thegirlymd!


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