Bridesmaid Proposals

Hi, everyone!

I am back with a little wedding update. Over the past few months, I have started to plan our wedding day. We have been deciding on the date, venue, photographer, and, most importantly, our wedding party!

I have always wanted to ask my bridal party to be in our wedding in a very special, thoughtful way. I wanted to include something that we could use/ wear together on the day of the wedding (and beyond). After some consideration and many Pinterest/ Instagram searches, I finally decided how I was going to ask my bridesmaid to be in my wedding.

I wanted to create special boxes for each of my bridesmaids, that included a “proposal” card and a customized silk robe with their names on it.

I found the robes on the Wedding Star website, which were absolutely perfect and even had a mini size for our flower girl. I opted for matching robes that were all a pink floral design – one for each of my bridesmaids, one for my flower girl and one for myself. When I received the robes, they looked exactly how they are presented online. The quality, length, and embroidery were perfect.

I envisioned the “proposal” cards to be feminine and floral. I wanted something to compliment the beautiful I had chosen from Wedding Star. Again, I searched Instagram for someone who created wedding stationary and occasion cards. I found the very talented Tabitha, also known as Dolce Artist on social media. Tabitha creates beautiful watercolour and floral art pieces, stationary, and invitations for weddings and special events. When I saw her work I knew I wanted her to create my “proposal” cards and they turned out to be so beautiful!

When I received the robes and “proposal” cards, I decided to package them into simple white boxes with pink ribbon. I wanted something simple. I also wanted the card to be seen as soon as the box was opened, so that the message was the first thing my bridesmaids saw.

I asked each of my bridesmaids to be in my wedding a different occasions, when I arranged to spend time with them – going out for dinner or visiting. I decided that I did not want to “rank” or label my bridesmaids as having one title versus another. Therefore, I made the decision to just have each of my girls be my maid or matron of honour. I loved them all the same, so I really did not want to give them different titles. I really couldn’t pick just one maid of honour, especially since I only have three bridesmaids.

Each “proposal” was so special and emotional. I was so happy to be asking such important women in my life to stand by my side on my special day. These are the women who have seen me through the highs and lows of my life, and have always been there to support and uplift me.

I couldn’t have had a better experience asking my bridal party to be a part of my big day. Everyone loved the robes and cards, and are so excited to wear the robes together on the day of my wedding. We are so excited to be planning together and counting down the days until I say I do!

I can’t wait to update you along the way, throughout all the wedding planning!




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