Second Semester Slump

As summer break quickly approaches, it is super easy to lose motivation and fall into the second semester slump. I for one, am ready for this semester to be over and finally have a chance to relax. However, it is definitely not worth having your grades be compromised due to lack of motivation (and laziness).

SO, here are some of my personal tips to get you through the rest of this semester.

  1. Make a study group. I am positive that your fellow premed friends are ready for summer to start just as much as you are. So, gather up a group of your friends, and create a study group. This way, you can all motivate each other and get through midterms, projects, assignments, and finals as a team. Create a study schedule, AND STICK TO IT. Put your phones away, and stay on track together. I’m telling you it makes life so much easier.
  2. Do a little every day. When your midterm is a week away, it can be really tough gaining the motivation to start studying. BUT doing a chapter or a slideshow little by little is way better than the stress of cramming the night before. You will feel much better as the test day approaches, and won’t have the added stress of cramming all that information into your head.
  3. Take breaks. It is OKAY to cut yourself some slack. Believe me, when you hit the “studying brick wall,” that’s your cue to take a break. Do something fun, watch your favourite show, go for a run, or even go spend some time with those friends you’ve been neglecting (they will be so happy to see you).
  4. SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. I know those crazy engineer majors have tried to convince you that all-nighters and caffeine pills are a normal part of university, BUT PLEASE do not listen to them. Sleep and rest are so important for your brain, and feeling refreshed before a test is much better than feeling like complete crap from lack of sleep.
  5. Envision your goals. When you feel like giving up, think about your goals for the future. Anytime I’m hardcore procrastinating, I take a moment and think about how much I want to pursue my goal of becoming a doctor. When I do this, it motivates me to keep on going so that I can get the grades I need to get into medical school and stay a competitive applicant.
  6. HUG SOMEONE. Okay, maybe this one only works for me. Whenever I am stressed out and I hug someone I love, I feel this complete relief from all the stress. Please, try it.

Alright my fellow premeds, there they are! Those are my tips for getting through the rest of the semester! I hope you enjoy them, and that they work for you!


Pink and Premed


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