How I Studied in Undergrad

Hello, Premeds!

It has been a while since I have done a blog post, and with the request from you all, I have decided to write a “How I Study” post. University is something I take very seriously and something that I thoroughly enjoy, so it does not feel like a burden when I am studying for my classes.

When it comes to studying, I really believe it is up to the individual student to see what works for them, specifically. So, when I go over how I like to study, this may not work perfectly for you (and that’s OK). I would recommend looking at a variety of methods in order to find what works best for you.

Anyways, I like using a variety of study methods, at different time periods, before the test I am prepping for!

Stage One: Well Before the Test

Okay, so before the test is even approaching, I really like to stay on top of any course work or assigned homework. This helps me stay on top of the newly covered material so that I am not confused or relearning things right before the test. Depending on the volume of the course, I will sometimes even begin my study notes at this point.

Stage Two: Two Weeks Before the Test

At this point I have done all of the homework and looked over the basic concepts, so during the last two weeks before the test, I will go over the harder topics and write more extensive notes on topics that were heavily emphasized in class. I will also review things that I may have been struggling with.

Above are the notes I prepare before tests. These are some of the biochemical pathways that we have covered in my biochemistry course. I included the names of the substrates, products, enzymes, cofactors, and any notes that may be important for the test. I also write down anything that my professor specifically emphasized in class.

Stage Three: Week Before the Test

Okay, this is crunch time. This is when my studying method switches from a more reading/writing style to a more collaborative/interactive style. My friends and I always study together right before the test date. We usually go over all the information and material orally, testing each other on key topics. We also use our university’s whiteboards to write out all pathways or diagrams. This method really helps me solidify any of the concepts that I may be forgetting. Saying things out loud really makes me feel as though I know what is going on. My “study saying” is that if you can say it, you know it. Also, having a team of like-minded students working with you really keeps the atmosphere full of motivation and positivity, in my opinion.

Above are some of the types of diagrams and pathways that I write out in order to help memorize the content being tested. Again, this really helps me solidify my understanding and increase my confidence on various topics.

I hope this helps you all with your study schedule, and I also want to mention again that this may work for me but not for everyone. My best advice would be to make studying fun and engaging, however that may be! Let me know what you think and share with me your favourite study tips!


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