My MCAT Study Schedule

Hello, Premeds!

I know I have not posted up anything for a while, and I’m sure you will realize why in just a few sentences. I have been studying like crazy for my MCAT exam, and literally using every second of the day to squeeze in more material or practice more passages.

I am taking the Princeton Review Ultimate 123-hour in class prep course, which is killer! It gives you a study schedule, as well as a ton of practice material and test taking techniques. It also provides you with all the content books, practice books, and online practice questions and tests. In order to keep up with the course, I am on a pretty strict study schedule (which I have included below).

Each day, I focus on the subject that my evening prep class will be discussing. I do the pre-readings in the morning, before class, and I do the previous week’s practice homework in the afternoon.

Of course, I am not a robot. So, I do take breaks to eat or change my study location throughout the day. Since I am not working, I am really treating my studying as a full-time summer job. I am very dedicated now, so that I don’t have to write this test again later!!!

Hope you guys enjoy this, and find it helpful! I have about 2 months before my test date, and have already been studying for a month!! Wish me luck!


Pink and Premed


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