Mentoring Services


The Girly MD (to be) offers online mentoring programs for premed students via Skype. Mentoring involves all topics regarding the premedical education, including things like university program selection, the MCAT, medical school application processes, and medical school interviews. Further, Personalized Premed Packages will be included in mentoring sessions in order for students to set realistic goal timelines during their premedical years, and allow them to satisfy medical school requirements. These packages will target students’ needs based on what stage they are in their premedical journey.

Premedical students will be connecting with the face behind Pink and Premed and the Girly MD (to be), Courtney Francis, a medical student from the University of Toronto.

Meet Your Mentor

Courtney is a Canadian student who was accepted into medical school during her third year of undergraduate studies. She was accepted to the two schools she applied to and interviewed at, and has a lot of tips and tricks for other premedical students. Her experiences and success make her an excellent peer mentor for other students looking to pursue an undergraduate medical education in Canada. Aside from her studies, Courtney enjoys cooking, exercising, spending time with her friends and family, and of course running The Girly MD (to be).

Interested in Being Mentored?

If you are interested in the mentoring packages we offer, please email us at for more information.

What Others Are Saying

“My mentor experience with The Girly MD (to be) was everything I had hoped I would get out of our meeting. It was very professional and organized leaving you with the feeling that you knew you were getting advice from someone who knew exactly what they were doing. All my questions were thoroughly answered. The individualized package I received in my session really helped to outline my goals for the upcoming year and put into perspective where I am right now vs what I need to do to get to get to my goals at the end of the year. Courtney exudes a vibe that leaves you feeling like you can totally accomplish anything with hard work and passion. Overall, I left our meeting feeling satisfied and ready to hustle. 10/10 recommend.”

                                                                               – Hafsa, 1st year undergraduate student

“My mentoring sessions with The Girly MD (to be) were fantastic! Courtney creates an environment that allows you to open up and be honest. Similarly, she is very understanding, compassionate, and empathetic when you are sharing something that you consider sensitive. Courtney is extremely knowledgeable – I have asked her some unanswered questions and she gives me detailed answers. She knows what has worked for her, and I like how she draws on her past experiences to help me achieve my goals. She creates mentoring packages targeted towards her mentees and I use them often because they are informative and help me stay on track for success. Her words are extremely motivating and make me feel like I can get into my top choices for medical school with hard work and dedication. Courtney helps me make realistic goals and gives me ideas on how to achieve them. I am really looking forward to my future mentoring sessions with The Girly MD (to be)!”

                                                                              – Shveta, 2nd year undergraduate student

“My experiences with Courtney have been super helpful and informative! It is great to hear from someone who really knows a lot about the application process, and who has succeeded tremendously. Although everyone has a different journey to medical school, I feel as though she was really able to help me through my current struggles, even though she may not have experienced the same things. I believe this tailored approach is what makes her such a great mentor. I am excited for future sessions to come!”

– Victoria, 2nd year undergraduate student